Nicki Gohorel inside one of her stockists – the Orient Country Store.  (Credit: Kelly Zegers,

Nicki Gohorel inside one of her stockists – the Orient Country Store.
(Credit: Kelly Zegers,

Where did all this nutty passion come from?

Our founder – Nicki Gohorel’s business inspiration started back in 2013 while living amongst a growing ex-pat community in Istanbul. Their demands for a richer, more quality-conscious peanut butter lit the fire in her to create healthy and artistic varieties to fill this hungry niche and Simply Nicki was born. Nicki’s mindfulness to source high quality ingredients then led her through a multi-cultural labyrinth and many travels - all of which she translated into her jars.

As a flurry of orders filled her inbox, Nicki’s name rapidly became synonymous with custom nut butters as well as delightful confections. Nicki was on her way to becoming the queen of custom - ready to satisfy palates as well as various dietary needs.

Lovingly New York Made

In 2017, Nicki returned to her native North Fork of Long Island, NY, bringing back more than a suitcase’ worth of passion, knowledge and a hunger to build on early success. Later, her biggest supporter and husband, Selçuk joined her to continue his nut butter duties. He delights in sharing the growing story of Simply Nicki, as assistant and hubby. Simply Nicki U.S. continues…

Nicki is simply nuts about world travel, food sourcing, and translating these newfound sensations into your jar.

Working Local : : Selling Local

In 2018, Simply Nicki set up shop in the new Made Conscious Kitchen in Cutchogue, NY. Made Conscious is looking forward to future mentorships of fledgling small food businesses and has already established a nurturing environment full of laughter and eco-friendly, spirited ideals.

Why we’re your “betta’ butta’”

Selçuk performing his nut butter duties at the Made Conscious Kitchen.

Selçuk performing his nut butter duties at the Made Conscious Kitchen.

Simply Nicki is dedicated to creating uniquely delicious food experiences that are hand crafted, ethically sourced, and contain either organic or all natural ingredients – sea salt being an exception. (Salts are non-living compounds. Now you know!).

Please check each product page on the site for exact ingredients and nutritional content. None of Simply Nicki’s products include things we wouldn’t eat or put on our own breakfast, lunch or snack table such as:

GMOs, pesticides, preservatives, processed ingredients, stabilizers, and saturated fats such as palm oil, fruit oil, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

Even our sweeteners (on request in our custom-order butters only) are healthfully curated:

• Manuka honey (antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits)

• Agave (a low glycemic index, fructose-based sweetener)

• Coconut Sugar (also a low glycemic sweetener)

• Dates (brimming with vitamins, minerals, and true healthy fiber) 

Limited Ingredients:

Simply Nicki Nut Butters limit their base ingredients to organic nuts, coconut oil (kills it in the creamy texture dept.), and a hint of sea salt. Check the nutrient panels, we are quite conservative about the amount we use. Our Supreme Nut Butters – such as our delectable Almond Supreme – have the artisan touches you would select yourself if you had the inclination and a very, very powerful blender. Roasty almonds swirl counterclockwise in the jar with antioxidant goji berries and our choice for spice girl of the month: nutmeg.

Recyclable Jars:

Contributing to the environment one less plastic jar at a time! We jar our exquisite butters in glass - never plastics of any kind. Even our glass jar supplier ships our jars using biodegradable packing peanuts… (Sorry - not the peanuts we put in our butters).  If you take a little trip over to the Cutchogue, NY area - we’d be tickled pink to take back your jars and reuse them on your future orders  ;)


All butters are made in a facility that processes tree nuts.


With the exception of our butters that contain honey or white chocolate – all of our butters are vegan. Please check the ingredient list on the individual product pages.

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