Simply Nicki Launches Her Website

Right now. Live from the Made Conscious Kitchen in Cutchogue NY.


Simply Nicki Supreme Nut Butters has finally completed its website. We are very excited to offer our full line of organic nut butter products to our customers locally and now nationally, online.

Custom order nut butters - in our Basic and Premium versions- will be a big feature here as it is a very large and important part of our market. You get to choose your desired base nut butter: Peanut, Cashew, Almond, or Hazelnut, then pick a sweetener (sugars of all types or even dates), then pick an additional add-on. Our Premium line offers exotica such as coconut sugar and even real candied ginger pieces. Lastly, as with all of our nut butters, you get to choose either smooth or crunchy texture for your butter.

There are virtually no other e-tailers doing what we’re doing and certainly no one offering a product line that is all organic and as flexible to tastes and the all important dietary needs of our customers.

We encourage you to call us or visit our Contact Us page if you don’t see exactly what you want. We are always happy to accommodate special requests – that includes catering orders (trays if you’re local and boxed if you’re not) and confectionary gifts such as our delicious fresh marshmallows!!

Cheers to a healthy you!

Nicki Gohorel,

Simply Nicki

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